Friday, 27 March 2009

Multi-speciality Homeopathy Clinics??

Now many so called highly successful "Homeopathic Clinicians" are launching chains of multi-speciality "clinics" and claim to cure several diseases like psoriasis,vitiligo,osteoarthritis etc. by miraculous homeopathic remedies.This is nothing but repackaging of old fraud.As is clear in previous posts, homeopathy has no basis in modern science.Moreover, in the name of multi-speciality these corporate quacks are actually using modern diagnostic procedures and medications which, of course, don't find a place in homeopathy!!


Anonymous said...

You are really mistaken my friend.....i guess you have not come across the fantabulous results in HOMOEOPATHY .....Its pointless arguing with u my Friend its just one request if you come over to india we have camps held here in mumbai and mahableswar for mentally retardted and Autistic kids we can show wonderful results with feedback from there parents ......
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Anonymous said...

Homeopathy is well established but the science behind it is not....
For me homeopathy is a science and it is a science because it has a philosophy of its own.....

For this philosophy is what makes us stand heads and shoulders above that crowd of PALIATORS.....

In this philosophy we have everything that the others have been trying to find out for the past 2000 years. And still they are not ready to believe that somebody found the truth that they have been searching for, some 200 years back. What do we call it?

Ignorance or ego!

Five centuries of scientific progress later the most scientific men on earth (biologists, genetic engineers, anatomists, physiologists etc.) have realized that it is not possible to explain the life of an organism by breaking its body.
So now they are searching for a ‘scientific philosophy’ to fix the jigsaw puzzle of the human body that they have created. Yes! They are searching for the ‘holism’ that we have found two centuries ago. They have now realized that medicines given in large doses produce undesirable side effects. We have been preaching this for more than two centuries! They have now realized, through their costly scientific experiments, that lifestyle and atmosphere does affect a human being's health. Our ‘Organon’ stated this truth way back in 1810! Day after day they are finding the wrong bends that they have taken and yet I can do nothing but pity them, for they are trying to find some known truths. And what does all this prove? That, if not more, we are still moving two centuries ahead of any other system of medicine.

This may seem like an exaggeration to many but the day is not far away when even our foes would say so. Doubts do exist in the public and also in the homeopathic fraternity regarding the scientific nature of homeopathy. I would like to mention about the following recent advancements in this regard to help remove whatever doubts do exist about the scientific nature of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a science very recent in origin and it deals not only with matter but also deals with energy. Therefore, it cannot be explained by Newtonian physics and conventional chemistry. Some recent work done in the fields of quantum physics, quantum photochemistry, triboelectricity, studies on electrical resistance of homeopathic dilutions and, their waveforms etc. has proved that the Avogadro’s number is no barrier for the existence of homeopathic dilutions. These works have also helped in proving the following:

Homeopathic potencies are not mere dilutions.

The electrical properties of homeopathic dilutions are different from simple dilutions.

Each homeopathic medicine has a different spectroscopic pattern.

Homeopathic medicines can be differentiated from each other.

Different potencies of homeopathic medicines can be differentiated from each other.

This is not all that is being done to prove that homeopathy is not only scientific but is also the science of the next millennium. A lot of other research work is being directed to meet the same goal and sooner or later the world will have to realize that it is only homeopathy that can move with the times to save the humanity from the ever-increasing disease processes. This is because homeopathy is not only redefining the concept of cure and medicine but is also helping science to redefine itself. This definitely is an achievement. Also homeopathy is the only system of medicine that can integrate itself with life unlike other systems of medicine which work with disease in isolation.

Anonymous said...

Due to the so-called scientific progress, day after day our life-style is moving away from the course of nature. This conflict with nature is resulting in ever increasing chronic diseases. So in the next millennium we will see an upsurge in the number of chronic diseases and also in the types of chronic sufferings. We may also come across newer disease forms due to the suppression of chronic diseases by the so-called ‘wonder drugs’. There may also be a resurgence of epidemics of old as well as newer disease forms because of the debilitated vitality resulting from the excessive use of the modern wonder drugs.

Keeping in view these and many other unforeseen challenges, homeopathy seems to be the only respite to the humanity in the next millennium. For it is homeopathy alone that does not suppress the disease but makes the body to overpower the disease through it’s own natural vitality, thereby increasing the body's resistance in general. Homeopathy is rising swiftly and steadily and once it is in a position to provide a strong alternative to the conventional systems of medicine on a global scale, the day won’t be far away when the conventional system of medicine will buckle under it’s own weight. At this moment as I try to visualize the glory that lies ahead for homeopathy I remember these words of Mastana:

Let me be, the way I am

Let me grow, the way I do

Let me free, in the ocean blue

Let me move, as breezes do.

Yes! Let us come together and try to evolve a science which is not bound by any pseudo-scientific restrictions; a science which is free to grow with experience; a science which has a supporting philosophy of its own; a science that has got a human touch to it and this millennium will be ours!

Anonymous said...

hello mr or miss...
whosoever u r...
1 request dat pls get have sum knowledge abt anything b4 u speak non-sense abt it...
homoeopathy is a well-proven & scientifically based science & it has taken years & lot of hard work 4 people 2 set up dis system with so much faith against so many oppositions...
pls learn abt it & den have d guts 2 speak abt it... sorry 2 b so harsh

Rajiv said...

I wonder why all the supporters of Homeopathy here are "Anonymous".

Those who claim, it works, should go and contest for $ 1 m prize announced by James Randi.

Dr.Ravi Singh said...

Dear Owner of Blog, Anonymous and Rajiv
There is no need of chit chatting upow wheather homoeopathy works or not, homoeopathy is a science or not. Scientist have a fixed criteria to test things. Homoeopathic medicines are energy medicine.
please visit some cured (fraud as said by u) cases(u may say about these as spontaneous cures but patients will not listen u)by link
Dr.Ravi Singh
Dr.Ravi's Multi Specialty Homoeopathic Clinic
Opp Lekhraj Lucknow

pooja said...

hey widout ny xact knowlegde bout d application of homoeopathy u r ntallowed 2 comment on it................
do take few hours 2 go through d introduction of organon of medicine..........

alert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alert said...

For "Dr." Ravi Singh

As for as the question of homeopathy benefiting some patient goes, then in that you must also open schools for teaching witchcraft as the same also works in many Indian villages and shows "wonderful" results in several diseases.

Dr.Ravi Singh said...

Dear Alert
So for yr knowledge India Government has permitted 180 colleges to study B.H.M.S. courses and many for post graduate subjects. U may complain to India Government that Homeopathy is harming people so it should be banned, INSTEd Govt of India Itself Promoting Homeopathy for masees and Mother and Child programms( integrating Homeopathy with Allopathic health care programms)
Watch the you tube video

alert said...

Its not entirely your mistake Mr. Singh.You have only fallen into a trap laid by homeopaths and sustained by the government.But governments ,particularly in India,have their own limitations.You must be aware beyond science and facts there is lot which goes into policy formulation.Including a pseudoscience in MCH programmes only reflects a sad state of affairs.You can do your duty by telling your patients there is a conventional medicine system which they can avail and your system is only an "alternative", and of course I should not expect you telling them that what you are practicing is completely unscientific.

Swetha John said...

I'm glad homeopathy is greatly declining here in the UK.
God Bless the NHS!

You're doing a good job blogger! Don't lose your spirit!

Dr.Ravi Singh said...

Who Need Stamp from UK to efficacy of Homeopathy, It is our patients who are blessed by this great science.
See the cured cases section of my website, and if u will talk to these patients that HOMEOPATHY IS FAKE they will see u wide open eyes about yr intelligence. :)
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