Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fraudulent Research in Homeopathy

Homeopathic supporters claim that there are 130+ studies published in some 45+ peer reviewed journals lend credence to "scientific" viability of the homeopathy. Such false studies are widely quoted in print and electronic media during any discourse on homeopathy.Added to this are intensive marketing, advertisements and promotions by people involved in homeopathy industry. To an unsuspecting target the jargon of studies comes too heavy to understand and homeopathic "experts" continue to flaunt those "findings". In general the studies claiming to prove the efficacy of homeopathy have lacked scientific rigor required to validate results. Interestingly enough most of these studies were not actually done to test the hypotheses of homeopathy but for something else and homeopaths jump their guns wherever there is an inkling of any favourable report to support their strange claims and notions. Whatever may be the claim one thing is certain- numerous double blind control trials have consistently failed to show any positive evidence in favour of weird "scientific" theories of Homeopathy (please see previous posts). As argued earlier, the basic tenets of homeopathy run contrary to the fundamental concepts of modern science. But alas, there is an official Central Council for Research in Homeopathy in India for conducting "scientific" research on homeopathy.
People continue to be entrapped in this fraudulent system of "treatment".