Friday, 17 December 2010

Fake "discovery" at IIT Bombay

Times of India reported the "success" of scientists at IIT Bombay in proving scientific basis of effectiveness of homeopathy in nano-technology.However,this entire article is based on fake research and is indeed a sham in the name of science.Please consider this-

(1)Had it been science, it would have been published in a journal of Chemical Engineering and not some "peer-reviewed" homeopathy journal !!
(2)As there are only about 1080 atoms in the entire observable universe, a dilution of one molecule in the observable universe would be about 40C.200 C dilution would thus require 10320 more universes to simply have one molecule in the final substance.Furthermore,the laws of chemistry state that there is a limit to the dilution that can be made without losing the original substance altogether. This limit, which is related to Avogadro's number, is roughly equal to homeopathic potencies of 12C or 24X (1 part in 1024). In other words a mole of substance contains only about 1024 molecules and dilution of 10400 is meaningless.

Moreover,one fails to understand as to how the presence of minute quantity of metals in very dilute solutions has made them believe that "homeopathy works on the principles of nano-technology".This is a concoction of highest order.Where is the proof that presence of minute quantities of metals (mis-quoted as nano-particles) is the cause of clinically observable "effect"of homeopathic "drugs"?? What is the relationship between dose and response?? These "scientists"owe an apology for making bogus declarations without adequate proof.

IIT Bombay should not have allowed its tag to be used for an obviously fake claim and how this bogus research found its way into a leading newspaper makes us ponder about quality standards of journalism in India.


Anonymous said...

a crusader fearful to disclose identity. never mind, a crusader with closed eyes... so never mind.. you go on banning homeopathy and let homoeopathy conquer the world. carry on , i feel pity about you.. :(

Anonymous said...

Just writing down ban homeopathy will not let homeopaths loose the spirit. There was an era when human being did not know many facts and people working on dead bodies and animals were looked down and this is the era when those people are respected. So a day will come when this mystery will be solved and only this upcoming science will survive which claims to have the cure for most of the ailments.

Anonymous said...

Golden day for all Homeopaths, the research on homeopathy done by scientist of IIT mumbai finally conclude that Homeopathy is a great system of medicine , they expose the homeopathy to the world and erase all black marks on the great system of medicine that is HOMEOPATHY, Thanks to all Scientists who worked on Homeo medicines. Dr.Akram

murdocha said...

I've been arguing against this nonsesne for years. One recommendation, don't use first person to describe what you believe. Better to just use the scientific arguments lest you commit the fallacy from incredulity.
Regardless, even if this study WAS true (beyond the nonsense of undefined "nanoparticles" which are smaller than atoms) it still doesn't explain the inability of homeopathy to work beyond the level of placebo. So, Epic Fail on all levels here.

Naveen said...

There is a ban in Israel. It has become extinct from Belgium and many developed countries. Canada banned its import. British and US have proved it fake and are on their way to abolish this system.
But man this is India, a developing nation. Here truth is what we believe. For us astrology, numerology and other pseudo-sciences are truth. We want to ban nuclear energy .We raise demands for ban on LHC tests because we believe it will end the life on earth. We can force a scientist to suicide for we believe he was doing wrong(in vitro fertilization), where developed world is ready to give him Nobel prize. When will these beliefs be corrected?

alert said...


Suggestion well taken.

Dr.Lekshmy said...

Will u dare to take homoeopathic medicine for three times a day for five days continuously...?I will say u take sulphur 30, 4pills 3 times for five days...U will know whether its placebo/not..Just try...!!!U must know that founder of homoeopathy was an Allopath/MD...Better reveal ur identity nd fight...

Anonymous said...

maybe alert is dead he hasnt posted much for a while

Rinaz said...

can U prove an atom is the smsllest particle the carries a definite property?
, have any body had counted number of atoms in universe?
Have anybody ever Described the Depth and extend of universe?
How can u say then the universe only contains so and so number of atoms, and below the level of atom nothing exist(that bearing the property of original substance?

Anonymous said...

hi all,homoeopathists are not people from different planet..they are as intelligent and learned like all people out there but most misunderstood..but 1 thing is clear they are staunch believers of this healing when they are getting their glory its giving problems to people who are surely if allopathic system and so called modern medicine was so good,would they have cared??will a five star hotel owner feel threatened by a small tea shop???the answer is evident so is the scenario..they want to ban homoeopathy..instead of trying these cheap tricks why dont they just mind their own business and shut up..

Anonymous said...

3 Nobel Laureate scientists (Hans Von Euler - Chemistry 1930, Brian David Josephson - 1975 Physics and Luc Montagnier Physiology and Medicine 2008 have done tests on high dilutions to prove that it works

Vaibhav said...

I will take up that challenge. I will down any 30c,40c and higher dilution bottles in one go. Lets decide a venue. If you succeed I will forever profess homeopathy but if I do you should give up your doctorate. Agreed?

Anonymous said...

It's a placebo. It was deviced by a german physician who lived cenuries back based on assumption of dilution. Physics says water does not retain memmory. It died out in advanced countries.

binu raj said...
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binu raj said...

Dr.Binuraj.T.K, MD(hom)

Homoeopathy is the last invented medical science or therapeutic system in the world so far. There is no proper technology

available in this world to explain the working of homoeopathic medicines till today. It means Homoeopathy is a pseudo

science or not a medicine???? At last some of it can be explained on the basis of Nanotechnology.

1 nm is equals to 10-9 of a unit, that means 1 Nano unit is 10-9 of a unit, that is equals to 9x potency of homoeopathic

medicine. As you know when 1 gram material is potentised and divided into 0.000000001 of the crude substance ,its potency

become 9X .Nano unit is the basic measurement in Nanotechnology.
Experiments carryout through this science is about the fractions of this basic units. Scientists found out that by the process

of nanification, atoms can be arranged in new order and form new molecules showing unbelievable properties when compare with

the mother substance. This is the explanation applicable to homoeopathy.

There are numerous scientists and physicists who have done tests on high dilutions to prove that they have effects. 3 Nobel

Laureate scientists (Hans Von Euler - Chemistry 1930, Brian David Josephson - 1975 Physics and Luc Montagnier Physiology and

Medicine 2008 have done tests on high dilutions to prove that it works. Homoeopathic medicines work at genetic level.

You know Modern medicine is floating on already failed foolish Germ theory. Our homeostasis of body is maintained at the

genetic level. If there is problem in that level, our immunity will be deranged. Then only micro organism enter into our

cells. Simply by administering Antibiotics, allopaths can destroy them. But who will rectify the poisonous effect of that

synthetic chemical caused by that antibiotics in our body and later the root cause at the genetic level will become more


There are mainly 3 factors are responsible for all diseases according to allopaths.
1. Scarcity of some chemicals in our body ( Allopaths supplement them with similar synthetic chemicals, thus destroying the

natural internal biochemistry in our body.)
2. Excess of some chemicals in our body ( reduce them with administering another synthetic chemicals, again deranging our

internal biochemistry)
3. Micro organism ( Allopaths destroy them with antibiotics or other anti micro organism medicines. They are not interested

to search why microorganisms enter in our body. That should be corrected first. But they don’t know how to do that. By

administering antibiotics the micro organisms will be destroyed but the cause behind the entry of microorganism in to our

cells remains as such. These synthetic chemicals again worsen our body’s immune power or natural balanced internal

biochemistry and within few months another set of more important organs start to work badly.)
4. Surgical correction - The above explained reasons are the causes of surgical diseases at long run. The changed internal

biochemistry due to strong synthetic chemicals causes problems at genetic level leading to such surgical diseases later.

Simply by cutting and removing those body parts how we can
correct the problems at the root genetic level. Actually after surgery, our body’s natural equilibrium will be destroyed

deeply and causes more important diseases in the near future.

99% of diseases in this world are iatrogenic or artificial chronic disease. Homoeopathy is for chronic diseases. Whatever may

be the technique behind the action of homoeopathic medicines in our body HOMOEOPATHY WORKS First of all try to understand

what is homoeopathy. study homoeopathy from its genetic level.
We have 100s of documented cured cases of Autoimmune diseases, cancers and so called incurable diseases. cured with 1 or 2

doses of HOMOEOPATHIC medicines.

Anonymous said...

great answer

Anonymous said...

The government should ban these types of idiots, not homeopathy.

Anonymous said...

Great post and a timely one for India. The sooner we ban this quackery, like the rest of teh world, the better it is for our public health system.

Anonymous said...

no need to discuss with bias.....
Let the patients to decide should they took homoeopathic medicine?Is it giving them relief without major life threatening side effect?
Or in another way there are many wrong & malpractice are being done in almost all countries isn't it?
lets discuss about gentle approach of homoeopathic medicine & physician towards suffrer.

Anil Shah said...

I too was a non believer, till alopathic medicine deserted me. I suffered from a bad case of piles and allopathic medicines didn't help. On my fathers extreme pressurizing, I did gulp down the sweet pills for 15 days expecting no improvement. Fortunately I was proven wrong. I had to take the pills for 2 more months (which i willingly did on seeing the results of the fortnight) but I was finally cured with no relapse in the last 2 years.
I'm not sure how it works and I am not very convinced by the IIT bombay "research", but having seen it work in my own home (yup my dad is a believer) on my own relatives, I just cant deny it. And placebos dont work on 2 year old kids so I'm pretty sure there is a science behind it.
My father incidentally does not advocate the usage of any potency greater than 30, his favorite are 6,12 and rarely 30.

dr. varsha said...

let people say anything about Homeopathy patient is the sole deciding factor. i am practicing classical homeopathy since 23 years.
i have good job satisfaction and have cured n no. of patients with homeo medicines. we keep on doing our good work. long live Homeopathy
DR varsha padhye

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Anonymous said...

just because today's science cannot prove something it doesn't mean the system is fake...if homoeopathy was fake then how the number of patients get increased in all these years, how patients who have suffered years under allopathic treatment get cured or get relief....may be its the fault of today's man not being able to comprehend the law through machines

Unknown said...
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hrilot said...
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Anonymous said...

@ Dr.Binuraj.T.K, MD(hom)

You are speaking utter nonsense. Proving that homoeopathy meds have nanoparticle drugs in it doesn't prove it's efficacy. Where are the studies which prove the mechanisms by which homeopathic remedies work? And to your germ theory speculation, germ theory is a proven scientific theory with years of research behind it. New drugs are invented and proven to work on germs. Homeopathic medicine doesn't prove like that.
And your so called genetic level deranged immunity theory is nowhere proven in the world and cannot prove it also just like your homeopathic medicines.

Anonymous said...

This article proves how fake is homoeopathy and to what extent they can go to prove that it is a science

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