Wednesday, 7 July 2010

"Homeopathy can kill !!"

Homeopathy is the antiscientific belief that infinitely diluted medicine in water can cure various ailments. It’s perhaps the most useless of all "alternative" medicines, since it clearly cannot work, does not work, and has been tested repeatedly and shown to be useless.
Thousands of patients (may be lacs) end up worsening their medical condition due to false but firm belief in homeopathy in India.Scores of such patients also die .The cases are either unreported or efforts to highlight them are gagged by powerful homeopathic lobby and blissfully ignorant government.Visit any super-speciality hospital in India and doctors would tell you about this pathetic and grim state of affairs where one pseudoscience is allowed to be practiced,not only practiced but also propagated, in utter disregard of concern for citizen's health.Infectious diseases which can easily be treated by antibiotic/anti-fungal/antiviral drugs become fatal with patients going to homeopathy who,though not always, doom them to catastrophe by denying them easy access to medications. Cancers are allowed to grow and metastasize (disseminate to other parts of the body) by ineffective sweet pills. Shrewd attempts to weave homeopathy in traditional Indian System of Medicine are only signalling a looming disaster for health of the mankind.