Friday, 7 October 2011

Debate on Homeopathy

This BBC show is a typical example of how Homeopathic "doctors" behave when faced with hard facts-

You confront them with hard facts and they will start singing about "different science","new age science", "beneficiaries are the proof" and so on. However, what they refuse to admit (publicly) is that science is always testable and something which can't withstand the rigor of scientific evaluation can't be claimed as science. As described in previous posts, the concepts of Homeopathy run contrary to fundamentals of elementary physics and chemistry, and hence , can't be true. It will be great disservice to the humanity to argue otherwise. If homeopathy is proven true all other science would go wrong. This is the most unpalatable truth for homeopathic proponents. Homeopathy begins where all reason and rationality ends.