Sunday, 16 May 2010

Watch Your Prescription

Ever wondered what kind of substances are used to make homeopathic "medicine"?.Here is a sample list:
(1)Raw bovine testicles
(2)Crushed honey bees (Apis mellifica)
(3)Belladona (deadly nightshade)
(8)Poison nut (Nux vomica)
(9)Spanish fly (Cantharis)
(10)Venom of bushmaster snake
(11)Nosodes made of diseased or pathological products such as faeces, urinary and respiratory discharges ,blood and tissues of patients
(12) Aconite
(13) Dog milk (Lac canidum)

.............and many more such substances. Of course, it is futile to search for any scientific basis behind drug preparation in homeopathy.


Anonymous said...

thought u said there was nothing in them

Anonymous said...

thought u said there was nothing in them

Pankaj Kumar Singh said...

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Fiachra said...

one minute homeopathic medicine is nothing but sugar pills, the next minute you are moaning about the substances they are derived from.
You can't have it both ways!
If you want to complain about something,try having an honest look at the ingredients that make up the average vaccine.

Gourango Bhattacharjee said...

Learn Homeopathy before you comment, just like making comment without knowing you is called FOOLISH