Saturday, 25 August 2012

From science based medicine>Homeopathy’s Recent Woes

Be careful what you wish for. In the last few decades purveyors of dubious medical treatments and products have been trying to go mainstream, and they have had some unfortunate success. They asked for serious scientific investigation into their claims – and they got it. They asked to be treated like real medicine (but not really, they only want the trappings of legitimacy, not the substance), and when they actually are treated with the standards similar to science-based medicine, they cry foul.
The response of the fake-medicine lobby is not to alter their claims to fit the evidence, or to carry out better studies, or to clean up their act when problems are brought to their attention – but to attack their critics.
Homeopathy is perhaps the best example of this behavior. Homeopathy’s biggest marketing advantage is that most people don’t know what it really is. They think it’s “natural” medicine or herbs. That is why, during homeopathy awareness week, I was happy enough to oblige. I want people to know exactly what homeopathy is – sugar pills. They are placebos on which the equivalent of a magical ritual has been cast. Active ingredients, which themselves are as fanciful as fairy dust, are diluted into to read further


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Anonymous said...

Saying that homeopathy is ineffective only proves that you have not done your homework - read about Luc Montagnier, we're talking about a visionary virologist here who has won Nobel prizes, not an uneducated brain-washed low life trying to suck Big Pharma's dick. Stop being so narrow minded as you will deserve it when all you have around the globe is one type of shops or restaurants to choose from.

Anonymous said...

I recently diagnosed with kidney stone and allopath prescribed me ESWL which would cost me 15000rs.....I then consulted a homeopath and within 3 weeks i passed the scan report showed the proof with just costing less than 1000rs

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Anonymous said...

Ive used homeopathy for years and have never been to a dr. ....I could sure share numerous anecdotal stories. But really I find something else more important here, that is freedom of choice.
Im fine with folks who choose not to take homeopathic medicine. But thanks to the class action law suit against Heel Now i cant walk into my local organic grocer and buy products Ive relied on for my well being for years. AL because people are uniformed about homeopathic medicine.

Meanwhile 100s, of thousands die from Allopathic treatment annually....But we still have faith in that in mass...Amazing.

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