Sunday, 6 July 2014

Homeopaths want to practice real medicine

Homeopaths can practice allopathy after studying: Maharashtra government

Why are so called homeopathic professionals demanding this? Where has there defence of  completely anti-scientific and bogus homepathy has withered away?

The reality appears to be ultimately sinking in.


Dave Bruton said...

Actually now days Homeopath is a really new approach.And this is the feeling good for the person who are suffering from very old as well as new deseases.

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Fiachra said...

Homeopaths DO practice real medicine.
it is the allopaths who are continuously scrabbling around in the dark looking for some new chemical to put a patch over the presenting symptoms of a diseased organism.
How are you doing with TB, Cancer, etc?
You think homeopathic medicine doesn't work? Go and buy a remedy. Put one dose in a bottle of water, shake it before you drink. Do the same every day for a month and you tell me then that you haven't developed some symptoms characteristic of that remedy.

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